Members of the Steering Committee


Karsten W. Jacobsen

Professor at DTU-Physics in the section on Theoretical Atomic-scale Physics. He will be in charge of the theoretical investigations on photo-electro-catalysis for water splitting.

Tel.: +45 45 25 31 86

Thomas F. Jaramillo

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University and the Deputy Director for Experiment in the SUNCAT Research Center. He will be responsible for the experimental electrochemistry activities at Stanford. In regards to the task on electrochemical CO2 reduction, he will serve to coordinate efforts between those within the Villum Center and those at the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis.

Tel.: (650) 498-6879


Anker D. Jensen

Professor at DTU-Chemical Engineering and will be the lead PI for the activities at DTU-Chemical Engineering. In the Villum Center, he will be the group leader for the experimental activities on catalytic CO2 hydrogenation.

Tel.: +45 45 25 28 41


Jan Rossmeisl

Professor at KU-Chemistry. He is heading the theoretical electrochemistry group at KU-Chemistry and will be the key researcher devoted to electrolysis and fuel cell catalysis.

Tel.: +45 50 71 95 84


Brian Seger

Associate Professor at DTU-Physics. He is heading the electrochemistry group at DTU-Physics and will be devoted to electrolysis, fuel cells and CO2 and N2 hydrogenation.

Tel.: +45 45 25 31 74


Tejs Vegge

Professor and Head of Section for Atomic scale Modeling and Materials at DTU Energy. He will be the lead PI for the DTU Energy activities. He will also be the lead PI for the computational activities at DTU Energy, where his research encompasses most of the processes within the Villum Center, with focus on the computational design and optimization of catalytic nanoalloys and particles.

Tel.: +45 46 77 58 18


Henrik Wenzel

Professor at SDU Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental technology and Head of the SDU Life Cycle Engineering Centre. He will lead the research activity on the characterization of sustainability aspects and resource criticality aspects of the technologies under study.  

Tel.: +45  65 50 73 74