Key Scientific personnel


Christodoulos Chatzichristodoulou

Senior Staff Research Scientist at DTU Energy. He will be the key researcher devoted to the experimental work on ceria based electrocatalysts for high temperature electrolysis.

Tel.: +45 46 77 58 93


Jakob M. Christensen

Assistant Professor at DTU-Chemical Engineering. He will be a key researcher in the experimental investigations of the hydrogenation of CO2 into methanol and higher alcohols.

Tel.: +45 45 25 28 10

Christian D. Damsgaard

Associate Professor at DTU Nanolab and DTU Physics. He will be in charge of the structural characterization by means of electron microscopy and related spectroscopies as wellas operando methods such as XRD and XAS.

Tel.: +45 25 64 87

Heine A. Hansen

Staff Research Scientist at DTU Energy. He will be a key researcher devoted to atomic scale simulations of high temperature electrolysis, as well as the reduction of O2 and CO2.

Tel.: +45 45 25 83 11

Thomas W. Hansen

Associate Professor (Senior Researcher) at DTU Nanolab. He will head the work within the Villum Center in relation to dynamic structure-functionality relationships by means of environmental transmission electron microscopy.

Tel.: +45 45 25 64 76

Peter Vang Hendriksen

Professor at DTU Energy and heads the section Mixed Conductors. He acts as coordinator of the department’s R&D efforts in high temperature electrolysis and will be a key researcher on the experimental high temperature electrolysis

Tel.: +45 46 77 57 25

Jens Oluf Jensen

Professor and Head of Section for Proton Conductors at DTU Energy. He will be a key researcher and will coordinate the department’s experimental work on non-precious metal catalysts for oxygen reduction in PEM fuel cells.

Tel.: +45 25 23 14

Mogens B. Mogensen

Research Professor at DTU Energy. He will be the lead PI for the experimental high temperature electrolysis activities with emphasis on identification of new and improved electrode materials.

Tel.: +45 46 77 57 26

Martin M. Nielsen

Professor at DTU-Physics and heads the section for Neutrons and X-rays for Materials Physics at DTU Physics. He will contribute characterization of ultrafast photo induced structural and electronic dynamics in light harvesting materials and catalytic processes.

Tel.: +45 45 25 32 26

Frank Abild Pedersen

Staff Scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University. He will be responsible for the theoretical work linking to the experimental work at the synchrotron and free electron X-ray Laser.

Tel.: (650) 926-2480

Brian Seger

Assistant Professor at DTU-Physics. He will be a key researcher devoted to corrosion mitigation and interfacing light harvesting devices with electrocatalysts.

Tel.: +45 45 25 31 30

Kristian S. Thygesen

Professor at DTU-Physics in theoretical physics. He will be a key researcher on computational screening of materials for water splitting with photo-electro-catalysis.

Tel.: 45 45 25 31 88 

Peter C. K. Vesborg

Professor at DTU-Physics. He heads the photo-electro-catalysis group at DTU-Physics and will be the key researcher devoted to devices for harvesting light.

Tel.: +45 25 32 76

Jakob B. Wagner

Professor at DTU Nanolab. He is scientific director at DTU Nanolab and will take overall responsibility for the electron microscopy and associated techniques related to the Villum Center.

Tel.: +45 45 25  64 71